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Yeye Agency and UTKA Language Services ( UTKA ) , established of a joint venture to further expand their long-standing working relationship with the aim of strengthening their combined resources to deliver most quality and economic translation and interpretation services, to further support profitable revenue growth for clients and partners.

Ankara & Istanbul based UTKA Translation Office is expanding to Europe with the support of Yeye Agency. With the cooperation of the two, translation activities will be offered to Yeye Agency customers and services will be provided throughout Europe.

With its 10 years of experience, UTKA Translation Office, which provides professional translation support to many local and international leading companies, associations and institutions, is preparing to make an impact in Europe by combining its power with Yeye Agency experience.

About Us

As Language Services we offer accurate and reliable translation services for all your international communications.

We are constantly expanding our communications network of services and satisfied clients. This expanded network is the product of our professional staff, our commitment to work, growing experience and above all, the importance we give to your satisfaction.

We aim to keep your satisfaction at peak levels with our translator network, international partnerships and team spirit that is always open to current best practices. Our skilled linguists work with the latest professional translation software and terminology resources to create accurate final texts to the highest levels in the translation industry.

Your time, your budget, and your corporate identity

We value your time, your budget, and your corporate identity. With these basic principles in mind, we ensure that your corporate translations are accurate, punctual and economical with our sustainable quality, advanced technologies and project management system.



Our company provides translation services in more than 15 languages. All our translations are subject to a two-level outgoing check. We perform technical and stylistic reviews of texts. The accuracy of the used terminology and terminological consistency is checked by our technical proofreaders, translation projects are then supervised by language proofreaders.

We can translate any document in most and other language combinations, including:
- Documents,
- All type of Contracts
- Legal reports, court cases, police reports
- Financial statements
- Medical reports
- Social services records
- Corporate websites
- Audio transcriptions
- Social media content
- Certified translations


Localization is a specific type of service, which involves, besides the translation itself, adapting a product to the customs and needs of local users while maintaining the text’s desired effect. Localization is a key to your success in international business and we offer an extensive range of localization services for all your marketing needs!

We provide the best localization services with short turnaround times and lower your costs with our cutting-edge localization and translation management software. Contact us for more information and receive your free quote.

Website localization

Localization is the process of adapting the language, appearance and functionality of a website for foreign language markets. You specify which content to be translated fromyour website.

The final goal of localization is a website that: takes linguistic, cultural, and technical differences into consideration, doesn’t change the original meaning of the source text, reads and feels like it was originally written in the target language.

APP localization

App localization refers to the process of adapting the interface and functionality of a mobile application to suit into new markets.

The goal of mobile app localization is that: takes linguistic, cultural and technical differences into consideration, doesn’t change the original meaning or functionality of the original application, looks and functions like it was originally created for the target language.

Verified Translations

Sworn, Certified, Notarized

A certified/notarized translation is attached to the document (the original or a certified copy) from the original source. It is affixed with an interpreter’s clause and the round rubber stamp of a court-appointed interpreter. In this way, the translator certifies that the translation is in agreement with the attached document.

Audio & Video Translations

We transcribe and translate audio and video recordings either from media that you provide or from the internet. We transcribe audio recordings into a text document; at the customer’s request, we then translate the resulting text into the target language with the inserting of commentary on action not accompanied by spoken words (e.g. descriptions of products, the surroundings and the background in advertising spots).

We are specialists at handling multilingual subtitling projects, translating spoken language into written language while taking into account existing audio and visual information.

Machine Translations & Editing

We assess the feasibility of editing the text and the amount of time required before starting the editing.

If editing is determined to be impossible because of the inadequacy of the translation or because it would be more time consuming than making a new translation, we will offer you a new, high-quality translation instead of editing.

In cases of translations intended for publication, we offer you proofreading before printing.


We interpret at all types of events and perform all types of interpreting (consecutive interpreting, consecutive VIP interpreting, consecutive accompanying interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, simultaneous congress interpreting, court interpreting).

In order to attain high quality of interpreting we place great emphasis on the correct selection of the interpreter. In this we assess not only language knowledge but also professional experience in the relevant field. All of the interpreting systems and equipment we use meet EU standards.










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