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Yeye Agency coordinated the Town Twinning Project between Czechia and Turkey

The Town twinning EU project was organized between 24-28 February 2020. Yeye Agency was asked to support the EU funded project as a local expert to […]

How is YeYe team dealing with the state of emergency?

How is each member of our team doing? Since the Czech government announced an emergency state in the country (12th March 2020), most of our team […]

What do you know about Ausburg, Germany?

The Augsburg metropolitan area is emerging as a very strong economic region in the neighborhood of the urban city of Munich. It is considered as a […]

Mistakes & learning of 5 years experience in entrepreneurship

How have I managed to keep the business going since 2015? Entrepreneurship is a marathon race. It is even longer than running a marathon. At least […]

The Investment Incentives in Germany

The German system of promotion of foreign trade and investment is characterized by a division of responsibilities between the state and the private sector. Various institutions, […]

The Economy of Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the fastest–growing economies among OECD countries and the EU. Being a member of the EU, NATO and Eurozone have helped Slovakia to […]

Company formation in Germany

Company Establishment in Germany Germany is one of the most developed and diverse economies not only in the EU but also in the whole world. With […]

Investment Incentives in Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the fastest developing economies in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). After joining the European Union in 2004, the economic reforms were conducted […]

Accounting and payroll services in the Czech Republic

Accounting Services for newly established companies The new business owners in a foreign country may encounter challenges adapting to the new work environment. The differences in […]

Company formation in Slovakia

Are you looking for opportunities to establish a company in Europe and you still have not decided which country could be the best option for your […]
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