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How to Establish a Transportation Company in the EU?

Transport among the member states is a crucial factor for European integration and is strongly connected to establishing the Single Market in the EU, which triggers […]

Where to expand your business? Comparison between Turkey, Germany, Czechia and Slovakia

You want to expand your business but cannot decide where to go and how to expand? For you, we gathered great opportunities from Germany, Turkey, Slovakia […]

Economy of Germany

With a population of 83 Million, Germany is the largest market and the most populous country in the EU. Germany has a strong commitment to a […]

Mr. Yalin Yuregil became a member of the ‘Turkey-Czechia Business Council’ in DEIK

The director of Yeye Agency, Mr. Yalin Yuregil became a member of  the ‘Turkey-Czechia Business Council’ in DEIK Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey (DEİK) manages […]

Automotive Industry in Slovakia

The automotive industry is one of the key industries and a driving force of the economy in Slovakia. Slovakia is the world’s biggest car producer per […]

Why invest in Turkey?

Turkey has become an attractive destination for foreign business owners to invest in and expand their business abroad. Turkey is strategically located on the Anatolian peninsula […]

How to become a freelancer in Germany?

Germany is one of the most popular choices for foreigners from all around the world to find a job and settle. The country offers a wide […]

How to become a freelancer in Slovakia?

Many expats dream of becoming self-employed. But can foreigners work as freelancers in Slovakia? What are the formalities to work as a freelancer? Who is a […]

Yeye Agency coordinated the Town Twinning Project between Czechia and Turkey

The Town twinning EU project was organized between 24-28 February 2020. Yeye Agency was asked to support the EU funded project as a local expert to […]

How is YeYe team dealing with the state of emergency?

How is each member of our team doing? Since the Czech government announced an emergency state in the country (12th March 2020), most of our team […]
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