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Why invest in Hungary?

Hungary, located in the heart of Europe, has a rich cultural heritage and a favorable business climate. With a highly skilled workforce, a strategic location, and […]

Blue Card in the Czech Republic

The Blue Card in the Czech Republic is a form of highly skilled worker’s permit issued by the European Union (EU) to non-EU citizens. It allows […]

Yeye Agency is launching a new service: Translation

Yeye Agency is launching a new service: The translation department can provide various services for your business needs. Our core business is market expansion & entry […]

Türk firmaları Orta Avrupa’ya açılıyor

15 yıldır Prag’da yaşayan ve 2012 yılında Slovakya’da ve 2015 yılında Çekya’da kurduğu iş geliştirme ajansı ile Türk iş insanlarının Orta Avrupa’ya açılmasına öncülük eden Dış […]

Yeye Agency is being re-defined with a new service hub: ScaleOffice is onboard

Over the past years, I and my team have helped hundreds of enterprises of different sizes expand into new markets such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, […]

Starting a Business in Europe: The Ultimate Guide

Starting a business in Europe Starting a company in Europe automatically gives you access to one of the world’s biggest business hubs with a sophisticated infrastructure, […]

Webinar about Turkey in Czech: tourism, culture and business

16 of March 2021 in cooperation with Europe Direct Hradec Kralove, University of Hradec Kralove, and Hradec Kralove City Library Bulat Nigmedzianov from Yeye Agency successfully […]

Why invest in Mexico?

Expanding to America is as exciting as it is puzzling: which country to choose to secure the best investment prospects, access the biggest markets, and enjoy […]

Investment incentives comparison: Czechia & Poland

The Czech Republic and Poland are two countries located in Central Europe, which has recently started to take pride in some of the EU’s fastest developing […]
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